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About Us

Premier Clinic was established in 2009. We started with a local clinic providing high quality medical services to the neighborhood. In 2 years' time, we expanded into a multi-specialty centre with comprehensive professional medical services at reasonable price.

Our Mission

Our caring team of professionals has a mission – To provide our patients with Total Patient Care by satisfying their Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual need. Also we have the belief that Disease Prevention is as important as Disease Management. Thus our professional team does not only cure our patients, but teaching them how to prevent from disease and sustaining their healthy life.

One key to our achievement is Two Way Communication. By offering numerous ways of communication, we established a friendly and trustful relationship with our patients and their family.

Our Facilities

Our clinic is located in Central, one of the most prestigious area in Hong Kong Island, with accessibility of 5 minute walking distance by all kinds of public transportation. Moreover, to ensure our guests’ visit is a private and comfortable one, we are facilitated with spacious and independent waiting area, consultation room, operation room and treatment room.

Our Services

We have General Medical, Surgical and Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultation; Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Health Assessment, Management of Dermatological Disease, Laser Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Weight Management Service. We also offer emergency service in various private hospitals and arrange necessary hospital admission for observation and medical / surgical treatment.

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